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Storage Overview

Sample storage is an important aspect in sample processing in any microscopy laboratory. We offer a wide range of storage boxes and options for short term storage, archiving storage and sample shipping. There are multiple options for SEM stub and mount storage, TEM grid storage and FIB lift out grid storage, AFM/SPM sample discs and microscope slides. We also offer general storage boxes for parts and samples.
For sensitive samples which need protection against oxygen, humidity and contamination we offer the EM-Storr vacuum desiccator, the Vacu-Storr vacuum containers and the EM-Tec Save-Storr inert gas sample storage box.


Sample storage for SEM/TEM/FIB Applications
EM-Tec SB176 high capacity wooden  box for 176 standard 12.7mm pin stubs EM-Tec SC12 clear styrene storage box for 12x Ø9.5mm JEOL/Ø12.2mm JEOL or 12 pin stubs EM-Tec SH8 small size clear/blue styrene box for 8 x 15mm Hitachi M4 stubs

Pin stub storage boxes

JEOL SEM stub storage box

Hitachi SEM stub storage boxes

EM-Tec GB-100 TEM grid storage box for 100 TEM grids EM-Tec FSB100S FIB lift-out grid storage box with single clip EM-Tec GB-4 Cryo grid box for 4 TEM grids

TEM grid boxes

FIB lift-out grid boxes

Cryo – TEM grid boxes

EM-Storr 81H vacuum sample storage container for 19 x Ø15mm Hitachi stubs

EM-Tec Save-Storr inert gas sample storage 
EM-Tec PS28 storage box for 28 Gatan 3View pin stubs

EM-Storr vacuum desiccator

EM-Tec Save-Storr inert gas sample storage


Gatan 3View pin sample storage

Sample storage containers for AFM/LM/Lab Applications

Micro-Tec M25B slide storage box for 25 standard 75x25mm slides, blue
Nano-Tec AB8 AFM magnetic disc storage box for one AFM disc, 72x51x12.5mm Micro-Tec wafer carriers

Microscope slide storage boxes

AFM sample storage boxes

Wafer Carrier trays

Micro-Tec M44 clear plastic membrane box, hinged,  100x100x40mm Micro-Tec C35 clear styrene plastic hinged storage boxes, 89x65x25mm Micro-Tec B40 white cardboard box, 100x60x20mm

Micro-Tec membrane boxes

Clear plastic boxes

White cardboard boxes

Vacu-Storr high vacuum glass storage container, large Micro-Tec ziplock barrier foil bags Micro-Tec reusable desiccant box

Vacu-Storr vacuum containers

Barrier foil Ziplock bags

Micro-Tec desiccant boxes



SEM Supplies

TEM Supplies


Sample Preparation


  SEM Sample Stubs
  Carbon tabs
  Sample Stub Adapters
  SEM Stage Adapters
  SEM Sample Holders
  SEM Preparation Stands
  Silicon Finder Grid
  Gatan 3View Pins
  FEI Volumescope Pins
  SEM Stub Storage Boxes
  Phenom Supplies
  JEOL NeoScope Supplies
  Hitachi TM series Supplies
  Field & lab sampler kits


  Acoustic Enclosures
  Cressington SEM Coaters
  TEM Sample Prep
  TEM Grids
  TEM Support Films
  Silicon Nitride Films
  K-Kit wet cell holder
  Graphene Films
  Grid Storage Boxes
  Cryo Grid Box
  TEM sample staining
  3mm embedding tubes
  Cryo Pin for U-M
  Eyelash manipulators

FIB Supplies

  FIB Lift-out grids
  FIB low profile stubs
  FIB grid holders
  FIB pre-tilt holders
  FIB Grid Boxes
  SEM / FIB Magn. Calib.
  SEM Res. Test Spec.
  EDS / WDS Calibration
  TEM Calibration
  AFM / SPM Calibration
  LM Magn. Calibration

Vacuum Supplies

  Bullseye Vacuum Gauges
  Quick-check Gauges
  KF/NW Vacuum Parts
  Vacuum oil and grease
  Vacuum sealant
  Vacuum sample storage
  Evaporation materials
  Evaporation baskets
  Quartz QCM Crystals
  Sputter Targets
  Carbon Rods & Fibers
  Quartz QCM Crystals
  SEM sample coating fluid
  Supports & Substrates
  SEM Preparation Stands
  Probes & Picks
  Cryo Jug & Container
  OCT cryo compound
  Applicators & Swabs
  Plastic Transfer Pipettes
  Cutting Tools / Scissors
  Conductive Paint/Cement
  Conductive Metal Powders
  Conductive Tapes &Tabs
  Non-conductive Adhesives
  Sample Storage
  Replication sheets
  Sample Preparation
  Cleaning / Gloves
  Metallographic sample prep
  AFM/SPM Discs
  AFM/SPM Disc Pick-up Tool
  AFM/SPM Holders
  AFM/SPM Disc Storage
  Cantilever Tweezers
  AFM/SPM Discs Tweezers
  Mica Discs
  HOPG Substrates


  Correlative Cover Slips
  Glass Microscope Slides
  Glass Cover Slips
  Quartz Microscope Slides
  Quartz Cover Slips
  Black metal slides
  Slide storage boxes
  Plastic Transfer Pipettes
  Optical Lens Tissue
  Glass Petri Dishes




EM-Tec multiple stub holders for Hitachi cylinder SEM stubs EM-Tec Multiple pin stub holders