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CMC Correlative Microscopy Coverslips
affordable polyester film cover slips with practical patterns


The CMC Correlative Microscopy Coverslips are made using a polyester based film with unique reticle patterns. They are specifically designed to allow indentification and location of particular areas of interest with brightfield or fluorescence microscopes and then processing for electron microscopy.
The material of the CMC correlative microscopy coverslips is compatible with cell culture growth and exhibit good adhesion for cell cultures.

Features and benefits of the CMC correlative microscopy coverslips:

  • good optical quality in brightfield and fluorescence microscopy
  • excellent transparency
  • use temperature range -196°C to +100°C
  • rigid – does not float in the middle of culture
  • resistant to normal chemicals used in electron microscopy
  • no oxygen retention; compatible with LR white resin
  • simple sterilisation using alcohol or UV
  • easy to handle and easy to cut with a knife or punch
  • choice of three different field proven patterns
  • low cost

CMC Correlative Microscopy Coverslips specifications:



CMC 35

CMC 71

Product #




Pattern size

5 ea 1x1mm

5x5mm area











Coverslip size


The CMC correlative microscopy coverslips are not designed to replace the optically superior quartz or glass coverslips; the film itself has a structure which can be visible in certain illumination conditions. The CMC correlative coverslips are designed for correlative microscopy using different imaging techniques. An initial general analysis is performed using light microscopy and then the sample is further processed for SEM or TEM analysis. The key advantage is that the film is easily cut and punched to allow EM processing.

How to use the CMC correlative microscopy coverslips:

  1. Sterilise the CMC correlative coverslip with alcohol, dry and add culture
  2. Ensure that the grid of the correlative coverslip is positioned correctly and that the text is readable
  3. Record images needed and note the co-ordinates of the region of interest
  4. Fix, dehydrate and embed with resin for TEM
  5. Place a BEEM capsule, filled with reson onto the coverslip over the selected region of interest
  6. Cure resin, detach the correlative coverslip; the footprint of the grid in the resin shows the selected location, trim the block in the selected area and make cuts using an ultramicrotome

Ordering Information forCMC Correlative Microscopy Coverslips

*Prices are without tax. Tax might be added in cart.

    # 51-002834   CMC34A correlative coverslips 5 x 1x1mm with 0.1mm divisions

CMC34A correlative coverslips 5 x 1x1mm with 0.1mm divisionsCMC34A - 10 x 10 grids of 0.1mm squares at 5 positions. Indexed 1-10 along the top and A-J down the side. Five positions of 1x1mm each are indexed A-E. Total area 5 x 1mm2

CMC34A correlative coverslips 5 x 1x1mm with 0.1mm divisions
Product # Unit Price* Add to Quote / Cart
51-002834 pkg/25 €78,50

    # 51-002835   CMC35 correlative coverslips 10x10mm with 1mm divisions

CMC35 correlative coverslips 10x10mm with 1mm divisionsCMC35 - 10 x 10 grid of 1mm squares. Each individually indexed 0-99. Total area 100mm2.

CMC35 correlative coverslips 10x10mm with 1mm divisions
Product # Unit Price* Add to Quote / Cart
51-002835 pkg/25 €64,50

    # 51-002871   CMC71 correlative coverslips 10x10mm with 0.5mm divisions

CMC71 correlative coverslips 10x10mm with 0.5mm divisionsCMC71 - 20 x 20 grid of 0.5mm squares. Indexed 1-20 along the top, A-T down the side and repeated on centre cross. Total area 100mm2.

CMC71 correlative coverslips 10x10mm with 0.5mm divisions
Product # Unit Price* Add to Quote / Cart
51-002871 pkg/25 €64,50


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