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Sakura OCT cryo tissue embedding compound
optimum cutting temperature embedding medium

        Sakura OCT cryo tissue embedding compound


Sakura OCT cryo embedding compound is a water soluable blend of glycols and resins that provides a stable specimen matrix for cryostat tissue sectioning at temperatures of -10C and below. The compound has the form of a gel at room temperature, but is solidified at -10°C and below. It can be easily removed with water and/or alcohol at room temperatures. Although developed and optimized for cryo ultra microtomes, it is also an excellent mounting medium for SEM cryo stages and cold stages. The OCT compound is a non-conductive material by nature, but conductivity can be introduced by mixing it with carbon powder.

Features of the Sakura OCT embedding compound are:

  • Water soluable blend of glycols and resins that provides a stable embedding matrix
  • Superior section quality at cryostat temperatures from -10°C to -40°C
  • Highly soluable in water, alcohol and formalin
  • Will not dull cryostat blades
  • Does not leave residue on slides during staining procedures, eliminating undesirable background staining
  • Tissue, mounted in OCT compound can be frozen between -10°C and -80°C
  • Can be used as mounting medium on SEM cryo stages an SEM cold stages

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Sakura O.C.T. Cryo Embedding Compound, 125ml Sakura O.C.T. Cryo Embedding Compound, 125ml

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