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The prices are expressed in euros, exclusive of VAT, import and export duties, excise duties and other taxes or government levies, unless indicated otherwise. After client filled in company details, VAT is calculated and applied, depending on verification of company address and VAT no.

Shipping and Handling Costs

Free shipping throughout Europe for orders over €500,00 are available on basis of favorable transport method determined by Micro to Nano. If the Client chooses another (faster) transport method the costs will be borne by the Client.

Want to use your own shipping account (Collect)?

You are also welcome to use your own shipping account. In this case choose in the cart the shipping method “Collect” and arrange pick-up and sent us your shipping account details.


Once the Client has ordered goods via the website, he will receive an order confirmation by email. After Micro to Nano has checked company info, the ordered goods will be reserved for the Client for 5 business days. The Client will receive an email with an invoice and payment instructions. By using this system, the Client can be sure to pay for Products which will be shipped directly after Micro to Nano has received payment

Payment will take place by means of transfer to a bank account specified on the invoice. 
The invoice email will also contain a link to a secured payment page of Payment Service Provider Ogone, for payment with credit card (Visa / Master card / Vpay & Maestro), Ideal, Sofort, Giropay, Belfius NetBanking, KBC / CBC Online and BCMC. After receiving the payment, Micro to Nano will sent out the goods and client will receive a shipping confirmation by email. Remember that at the time of the transaction, the transaction amount will be charged directly to your credit .

Payment afterwards can only be made if Vof Micro to Nano has established that the client is credit worthy, unless the Client ordered a custom made Product. If the Client ordered a custom made Product the payment must be made in advance.


SEM Supplies

TEM Supplies


Sample Preparation


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  SEM Sample Stubs
  Carbon Tabs
  Sample Stub Adapters
  SEM Stage Adapters
  SEM Sample Holders
  SEM Preparation Stands
  Filaments / Cathodes
  Silicon Finder Grid
  Gatan 3View Pins
  FEI Volumescope Pins
  SEM Stub Storage Boxes
  Phenom Supplies
  JEOL NeoScope Supplies
  Hitachi TM Series Supplies
  Field & Lab Sampler Kits
  FlowView liquid sample Kit


  Acoustic Enclosures
  Cressington SEM coaters
  TEM Sample Prep
  Diaphragm Pump
  Rotary vacuum Pump
  Precision diamond saw  
  TEM Grids
  TEM Support Films
  Silicon Nitride Films
  K-Kit Wet Cell Holder
  Graphene Films
  TEM Grid Boxes
  Cryo Grid Boxes
  TEM Sample Staining
  3mm Embedding Tubes
  Eyelash Manipulators

Cryo Supplies

  Cryo Grid Boxes
  Other Cryo Supplies

FIB Supplies

  FIB Lift-out Grids
  FIB Low Profile Stubs
  FIB Grid Holders
  FIB Pre-tilt Holders
  FIB Pre-tilt stubs
  FIB Grid Boxes
  SEM / FIB Magn. Calib.
  SEM Res. Test Spec.
  EDS / WDS Calibration
  TEM Calibration
  AFM / SPM Calibration
  LM Magn. Calibration

Vacuum Supplies

  Vacuum Gauges
  KF/NW Vacuum Parts
  KF/NW Vacuum Hoses
  ISO Vacuum flange parts
  Vacuum Oil and Grease
  Vacuum Sealant
  Diaphragm Pump
  Rotary vacuum Pump
  Vacuum Sample Storage
  Vacuum Pick-Up Pens

Sample Coating Supplies

  Sputter Targets
  Carbon Rods & Fibers
  Quartz QCM Crystals
  SEM Sample Coating Fluid

Evaporation Supplies

  Thermal Evaporation Sources
  Evaporation Materials
  Supports & Substrates
  SEM Preparation Stands
  Probes & Picks
  Applicators & Swabs
  Plastic Transfer Pipettes
  Cutting Tools / Scissors
  Conductive Paint/Cement
  Conductive Tapes & Tabs
  Non-Conductive Adhesives
  Sample Storage
  Hand Tools
  Sorting Wire Mesh
  Preparation Surfaces
  Cleaning / Gloves
  Conductive Metal Powders
  Metallographic Sample Prep
  AFM/SPM Discs
  AFM/SPM Disc Pick-up Tool
  AFM/SPM Holders
  AFM/SPM Disc Storage
  Cantilever Tweezers
  AFM/SPM Discs Tweezers
  Nano-Tec Mica Discs
  HOPG Substrates

Light Microscopy

  Correlative Cover Slips
  Glass Microscope Slides
  Glass Cover Slips
  Quartz Microscope Slides
  Quartz Cover Slips
  Black Metal Slides
  Slide Storage Boxes
  LM Calibration
  Plastic Transfer Pipettes
  Optical Lens Tissue
  Glass Petri Dishes
  Digital Microscope
  PTFE Beakers