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Micro-Tec vacuum pick-up tools

Micro-Tec ESD safe vacuum pick-up pen, swiss made
 Micro-Tec ESD safe mini vacuum pick-up tool

Vacuum pick-up tools are ideal for picking up lightweight and flat items without touching them by hand or with sharp tools. Delicate items or surfaces won't be scratched. Can be used for coverslips, Si substrates, quartz substrates, small componets, parts and samples.
The lifting capacity of the vacuum pick-up tools depends on:

  • the vacuum generated in the vacuum pick-up tool
  • the material surface
  • thesize of the pick -up cup; see lifting capacity table.

The lifting capacity and lifting time both increases when surfaces are flat and smooth (polished). Vacuum pick-up pens will not work on porous surfaces. The components of the vacuum pick-up tools generally are a body to generate vacuum, interchangeable vacuum needle tips and vacuum cups which fit on the needles to increase lifting capacity.

Estimated lifting capacity table

Needle/ Cup size diameter in mm

Estimated lifting capacity in grammes

1.3mm tip (18 gauge) only

< 1

1.9mm tip (16 gauge) only


3mm vacuum cup


4mm vacuum cup


5mm vacuum cup


6mm vacuum cup


7mm vacuum cup


9mm vacuum cup


10mm vacuum cup



Both of the Micro-Tec vacuum pick-up tools offered are ESD safe to avoid static discharge:

  • Micro-Tec ESD safe mini vacuum pick-up tool with a bulb type vacuum pump
  • Micro-Tec ESD Safe vacuum pick-up pen with a high performance piston type vacuum pump

Ordering Information for for Micro-Tec ESD safe vacuum pack-up tools:

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# 52-001900   Micro-Tec ESD safe mini vacuum pick-up tool

 Micro-Tec ESD safe mini vacuum pick-up tool

Small, manually operated vacuum pick up tool with a squeeze bulb (no batteries needed) for picking up substrates, coverslip, small components and parts. Ergonomic ESD safe foam covered body with 2 straight tips, 2 bend tips and 4 silicone vacuum cups. Tips are 1.9mm O.D. (16 gauge) and effectively 20mm long. Cups size are 3, 5, 7 and 10mm diameter and can be used either on the tips or directly on the Micro-Tec mini vacuum pick-up tool

Micro-Tec ESD safe mini vacuum pick-up tool Micro-Tec ESD safe mini vacuum pick-up tool
Product # Unit Price* Add to Quote / Cart
52-001900 each €11,75

# 52-001905   Micro-Tec ESD safe vacuum pick-up pen, swiss made

Micro-Tec ESD safe vacuum pick-up pen, swiss made

The swiss made Micro-Tec pen size, manually operated vacuum pick-up pen is easy to operate and doesn”t require power or batteries. Ideal for picking up coverslips, substrates, components, small parts and samples. It is fully ESD safe with a conductive metal body and ESD safe plastic parts. Included with the vacuum pick-up pen are two metal needles (one straigth and one angled at 45 degrees) and 3 ESD safe rubber vacuum cups. Tips are 1.3mm O.D. (18 gauge) and effectively 20mm long. Cup sizes are 4, 6 and 9mm diameter and are intended for use on the needles. High performance piston actuated pump ensures excellent vacuum performance. A small vial of vacuum grease is included to ensure long term optimum lifting capacity.

Micro-Tec ESD safe vacuum pick-up pen, swiss made Micro-Tec ESD safe vacuum pick-up pen, swiss made
Product # Unit Price* Add to Quote / Cart
52-001905 each €49,75

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