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New Products


EM-Tec CGB-6 premium cryo grid box with click-stop lid and unique numbering

The EM-Tec CGB-6 premium cryo grid box incorporates a number of improvements like a click-stop rotating lid, a vertical ridge on the lid for easy rotation, marked cavities and a unique number for each individual cryo grid box. The base is a round grid box with 4 diamond shaped positions, marking of each position and an index notch. The lid can be rotated with standard laboratory tweezers and the click-stop mechanism keeps the lid on the base and in place when a cavity is selected. The unique numbering makes it easy to archive the samples, to retrieve from storage and to avoid archiving mistakes or mix-up of samples. The EM-Tec CGB-6 cryo grid box is compatible with the FEI Vitrobot, Gatan CP3, Gatan 3500, Gatan 626 and Leica EM GP cryo systems.

Super smooth conductive carbon tape

The super smooth high purity double sided conductive adhesive carbon tapes are especially developed for imaging and analysis applications of fine powder and fibre samples. The adhesive material used for the tabs and tapes is fully transparent for EDS analysis with only trace amounts of Al and Si. The material is constructed using a super smooth aluminium foil coated on both sides with a conductive, carbon filled pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive. The result is a super smooth surface combined with high conductivity. Total thickness of the material is approximately 110µm with an adhesive thickness of 40µm on each side. The adhesive exhibits a high adhesion strength to metals, plastics, ceramics, wafers, rubber, wood, glass, paper, and small particles or fibers.

Super smooth conductive carbon tabs

The EM-Tec super smooth conductive double sided adhesive carbon tabs care supplied on a clear plastic sheet with a white plastic liner tab. Available as Ø12mm and Ø24mm carbon tabs.

  • Super smooth thin material; 110µm total with 40µm adhesive on each side of the Aluminium foil carrier
  • High conductivity
  • Excellent for fine powders and small fibres


EM-Tec AG44 conductive silver paint

EM-Tec AG44 is a conductive silver paint based on fine silver flakes (10-1um size) with a low VOC acrylic binder. Achieves excellent bonding properties on a wide variety of materials including, plastics, ceramics, glass, metals, wood, rubber, epoxies and textiles. The tough, low VOC acrylic binder reduces material loss whereas the silver flakes ensure excellent conductivity.  Ideal for making grounding tracks and to bond SEM samples on sample stubs. Samples can be easily removed. This silver cement has the consistency of a thin paste. Dries relatively quickly, depending on thickness; reduce drying time with moderate heat up to 65°C. Can be used on flexible surfaces. Solvent is acetone, solution contains 61% silver, acrylic based binder. EM-Tec AG44 exhibits excellent conductivity.

EM-Tec AG46 water-based conductive silverpaint, no VOC

EM-Tec AG46 is a conductive silver paint based on fine silver flakes (10-1um size) with a water based urethane binder. It does not contain VOC, is solvent-free and is non-flammable. Achieves excellent bonding properties on a wide variety of materials including, plastics, ceramics, glass, metals, wood, paper and paints. Safe to use on even the most delicate plastics. The water-based urethane binder reduces material loss whereas the silver flakes ensure excellent conductivity. Ideal for making grounding tracks and to bond SEM samples on sample stubs. Samples can be easily removed. EM-Tec AG46 exhibits excellent conductivity.


Value-Tec tweezers for small round objects

The Value-Tec style 669.MS tweezers with the flat, round tips are designed for securely holding small round objects. 155mm long.


EM-Tec SB10 Stub-Storr low cost cardboard storgae boxes for 10 Ø12.7mm pin stubs
EM-Tec  SB10 Stub-Storr low cost cardboard storgae boxes for 10 Ø12.7mm pin stubs
EM-Tec SB10 Stub-Storr white cardboard boxes offer a cost-efficient and compact storage solution for both standard pin stubs and the short Zeiss pin stubs. Made from clean 350g/m2 white cardboard. The insert is secured in the box to prevent it from moving upwards. Storage capacity for 10 Ø12.7mm or 2 of the Ø25.4mm pin stubs of the 25.4mm pin stubs. The Stub-Storr box size is 38x38x90mm (L x D x H); inside clearance is 20mm, which leaves a maximum sample height of 17mm on the pin stubs. Ideal for educational setting, storage of non-critical samples, temporary storage or large volume/low cost storage. The EM-Tec Stub-Storr boxes are supplied flat in packs of 10, 50 and 100.


EM-Tec  Save Stor 4 large inert gas storage container

The EM-Tec Save-Storr 4 has been introduced to store large samples, parts or assemblies under inert gas. The storage capacity of this sturdy, thick-walled ABD container is 4 ltr. An additional advantage is that light-sensitive samples are fully shielded from light. The EM-Tec Save-Storr 4 is ideal to store SEM sample holders, vacuum parts, detectors, assemblies,  etc under inert gas. Made from thick-walled black ABS, the interior can be custom modified by adding clamping strips to the base of the container.


Zerostat 3 anti-static instrument

The Zerostat 3 anti-static gun is an effective and professional tool to reduce and remove static charges on insulating surfaces such as plastic, glass, films, porcelain, ceramics, storage boxes etc. It contains a piezo-electric crystal device with a trigger mechanism which generates positive and negative streams of ions. The Zerostat 3 includes a dual cycle operation: when the trigger is squeezed, positive ions are released. When the trigger is released, negative ions are generated. The Zerostat 3 anti-static gun can remove or substantially reduce static charges on non-conductive surfaces. It can be used on plastics, glass, ceramics, films, lenses, grid boxes, storage boxes, microscope slides, etc. The Zerostat 3 can also be used to threat surface to prevent static charging for several hours.

EMR Ultra-thin carbon TEM support films

The EMR ultra-thin carbon support films on a Lacey Carbon support have developed to provide users with a high quality, robust and uniform continuous carbon film. The ultra-thin carbon film is ideal for nanoparticle characterisation, Cryo-TEM preparation, virus particles and other particulate material. The ultra-thin carbon layer (approx. 5nm thin) is applied on top of a Lacey Carbon film which in turn is supported by a 300 or 400 mesh TEM grid. The ultra-thin carbon films are currently available on either copper or gold TEM grids with packs of 25 in a TEM grid box. They have been tested and are confirmed to be stable under TEM operational conditions of 100 and 120 kV.


EM-Tec versatile stage adapter for the TESCAN XM / GM SEM and FIB-SEM

The EM-Tec versatile SEM stage adapter for Tescan SEMs and FIB-SEM systems with the XM or GM sample stages has been designed to original manufacturer's specifications. The EM-Tec T2M stage adapter is fully compatible with all M4 threaded EM-Tec SEM sample holders. The EM-Tec T2M versatile stage adapter for Tescan XM /GM gives access to an unprecedented choice of EM-Tec SEM sample holders which can be used across multiple SEM platforms

EM-Tec TE1 and TE3 t-EBSD holders for TEM / FIB lift-out grids

The EM-Tec TE1 and TE3 t-EBSD holders are designed to enable EBSD measurements on TEM grids and FIB lift-out grids with lamellas. The pre-tilt holders include 70° and 20° tilt planes to facilitate both planar and cross-section EBSD measurements. The TEM / FIB lift-out grids are held with a copper spring.


EM-Tec C-Square multi SEM pin stub holders

The EM-Tec C-Square multi pin stub holders are primarily designed to hold multiple Ø12.7 mm and Ø25.4mm pin stubs in a square pattern. They offer optimum X-Y coverage of the SEM stage and allow for easy alignment with the engraved lines in X-Y directions. To facilitate quick and easy loading and exchange of the pin stubs, proprietary conductive gripping O-rings hold the pin stubs in place and provide a conductive path at the same time. Available in 6 different sizes from 9 to 49 pin stubs of Ø12.7mm.


FEI Teneo Volumescope pin stubs with groove

The FEI Teneo Volumescope pin stub with groove is an improvement on the standard Volumescope stub. It has the exact same external dimensions but with a groove added for easy manipulation and loading. These improved pin stubs are fully compatible with the FEI Teneo VS SEM system: Ø3.1mm pin, Ø8mm head and raised platform for sample mounting. Made from vacuum grade aluminium.


EM-Tec SB2 and SB3 heavy duty pin stub storage & shipping tubes

The EM-Tec SB2 and SB3 are both heavy duty pin stub storage tubes. The sturdier polystyrene tube offer better protection for your samples and reduces the chance of breakages in transport. The EM-Tec SB2 is made for the 12.7mm pin stubs, but can also accommodate the EM-Tec 19mm pin stubs. The EM-Tec SB3 has been developed for the larger pins stubs and can accommodate the 25.4mm and 32mm pin stubs.


Micro-Tec diamond tipped scribers with 60, 90 and 120 degrees tip

Micro-Tec diamond tipped scribers with 60, 90 and 120 degrees tipThe Micro-Tec diamond scribers are useful for marking, engraving and scribing samples, tools and specimen substrates.  They are also ideal for scribing silicon wafers prior to cleaving.  The natural diamond tips base sizes are approximately 0.8mm in diameter and vacuum brazed on a tool steel shaft. Available with 60, 90 and 120 degrees tip. Scribers can be used on a wide variety of materials ranging from glass, ceramics, silicon, metals and plastics.

EM-Tec PS44 quadruple pin stub vise clamp

The EM-Tec PS44 is a larger version of the EM-Tec PS4 mini pin vise stub and holds 4 samples. The sample is clamped between the two mini vise clamps.  The samples are held vertically with 4 small set screws. Most effective way to study cross sections or thin samples. Holder size w/o pin is Ø25.4 x 7.2mm. Standard pin. The compact EM-Tec PS44 increases productivity en reduces downtime for  pumping/venting of the SEM chamber.

EM-Tec F18 high capacity FIB grid holder for up to 8 FIB grids

EM-Tec F18 is a high capacity FIB grid holding stub for holding up to 8 FIB grids with 4 individual small clamps.
It is basically 4 x the EM-Tec F12 on a Ø25.4mm (1”) stub. Each of the 10mm wide vise clamps includes a ledge for easy positioning of the FIB grids. Ideal for safe storage of the FIB grids with lamellas or for high throughput FIB applications

Improved EM-Tec V22 compact vise sample holder

The popular and cost-effective EM-Tec V22 compact vise sample holder (with pin or M4 thread) has been improved by replacing a the flat head screw and allen key by a knurled brass knob, which enables quicker and easier opening and closing.

EM-Tec MV22 combined compact vise and multi pin stub holder

The new EM-Tec MV22 combines the popular compact vise with a multi pin stub holder (with pin or M4 thread) for up to 5 standard 12.7 mm diameter pin stubs. Compatible with standard pin stubs and the shorter Zeiss pin stubs. The EM-Tec MV22 has been designed for use in SEMs with smaller stages and for table top SEMs such as the Hitachi TM3030/3000/1000 series and the JEOL NeoScope.

EM-Tec 3V22 triple compact vise sample holderEM-Tec 3V22 triple compact vise sample holder

EM-Tec 3V22 triple compact vise holder(with pin or M4 thread) includes three separately adjustable EM-Tec V22 compact vises on a single base plate. Enables holding and investigating three different samples to save on SEM venting and pumping time. Made from vacuum grade aluminium, brass spindles and stainless steel screws. Ideal for high throughput investigations of smaller samples and cross sections. Reduces downtime for venting/pumping of the SEM chamber. Designed for stages with 75x25mm or more X-Y travel distances.

EM-Tec acrylic Eyelash manipulator set

Perfectly manufactures Eyelash manipulators for carefully manipulating ultra-thin sections, tissue samples and small samples or parts under a microscope. Lightweight, cost-effective and consistant quality compared to natural hair eyelashes. The set contains three Eyelash manipulators with an Eyelash length of 13, 18 and 21mm.

Large EM-Storr vacuum desiccator for bulk samples

This large EM-Tec EM-Storr vacuum storage container has been made to the same design specifications as the standard size EM-Storr vacuum container. The EM-Storr 110L includes a larger chamber with a size of Ø110x25mm and a larger glass with  130mm diameter. It is large enough to store 4”wafers under vacuum.

Additional Value-Tec fine tweezers

The large assortment of the Value-Tec fine tweezers has bee expanded with 4 additional practical tweezers styles:

  • Value-Tec 2A.AM
  • Value-Tec 2AB.AM
  • Value-Tec 3CB.AM
  • Value-Tec 5AR.AM



Ø24mm EM-Tec sputter targets for cryo-SEM preparation systems

The selection of EM-Tec sputter targets has been expanded with Ø24mm disc targets used on the cryo-SEM preparation systems made by Quorum / Polaron / Bio-Rad / Fisons / VG-Microtech/ Thermo. Available sputter target materials are: Gold, Gold/Palladium, Platinum, Chromium and Iridium.

EM-Tec Multi resolution and calibration standards

The EM-Tec multi and combi standards offer up to 4 different SEM standards on a single SEM stub. This enables both calibration and optimising resolution of the SEM  from a single standard. Cost-effective and compact. Standards used for these multi-standard are:

  • Au on C with 5-200nm gold particles
  • Au on C with 3-50nm gold particles
  • Sn on C with 5nm -30µm tin particles
  • EM-Tec M-10 calibration standard with 10µm grid pattern



EM-Tec Save-Storr dual perforated shelf with 2 x 25mm height, aluminium

Dual storage shelves for EM-Tec Save-Storr sample storage container

The dual storage shelves for the EM-Tec Save-Storr sample storage container virtually triple the storage area. Made from perforated aluminium with 25mm high feet. The perforated sheet contains 57 holes for SEM pin stubs.


Additional EM-Tec bulk sample holders

The selection of EM-Tec bulk sample holders with fixed side brackets has been extended with two new models:

  • EM-Tec B38 for bulk sample up to 38mm
  • EM-Tec B52 for bulk samples up to 52mm

The complete selection of these vise type sample holders now offers a choice of 1, 4, 12, 16, 20, 26, 38, 52, 80 and 120mm wide sample holders.

Pikal professional metal polishPikal professional metal polish
Pikal metal polishing paste is a superior polishing paste with excellent cleaning and polishing properties. It is a tried and tested products with an excellent track record going back more than 100 years. Pikal does not contain silicone and is there for ideally suited for high vacuum systems and cleaning parts of electron microscopes.  Pikal metal polish is formulated as a thick paste which can be diluted with a kerosene/water mixture. Sold in the iconic 250 gram tin.

Laboratory Handheld Engraving Tool & Engraving Pen
Practical and easy to use laboratory engraving tools help with marking and identifying samples, tools, sample holders, etc. Choice of the powerful DM11 electric engraver or the pin style battery operated SL20 Micro engraving pen. The SDM11 is the intended for lab use, where as the SL20 is ideal for field use or for difficult to reach spots.

Krytox GPL 207 PFPE / PTFE grease
Krytox GPL 207 is a long-lasting, nonreactive, nonflammable grease, safe in chemical and oxygen service. It only contains carbon, oxygen and fluorine, but no hydrogen or silicone.  This PFPE/PTFE grease doesn’t degrade in contact with air. It is an ideal grease for vacuum load locks, vacuum door seals, O-rings, moving aperture holders and valves found on electron microscopes and laboratory vacuum equipment. Available in 15 gram and 60 gram tubes.

EM-Tec Quartz Crystals for Thickness Monitors/Controllers
The EM-Tec Quartz crystals are particularly suited for thickness monitors, thickness controllers and quartz crystal micro-balances (QCM) used on SEM sputter coaters and vacuum deposition systems. Size is 14mm diameter and fully compatible with the 6 Mhz sensors. Available with gold and silver contacts in flat pack carousels with 10 crystals.  

EM-Tec sample pin for cryo ultramicrotomes
The EM-Tec sample pin for cryo ultramicrotomes includes a 3.5mm head with concentic grooves and a 2mm diameter pin. The EM-Tec cryo pin is 10mm long, made from cryo compatible aluminium.

Micro-Tec plastic membrane boxes range extended The selection of Micro-Tec plastic membranes boxes has been extended with two practical sizes. The Micro-Tec M42 with a box size of 100x60x22mm and the Micro-Tec M43 with a box size of 210x75x27mm. Both are clear membrane boxes with hinges and a clasp.. Ideal for storing and shipping samples or small parts. The samples are held between the two semi-porous membranes.


EM-Tec Versa-Plate adaptable SEM sample holders
EM-Tec Versa-plate adaptable SEM sample holder The EM-Tec Versa-Plate adaptable SEM holders consists of a large flat baseplate, with multiple M4 threaded holes, and a set of movable sample holding brackets. This setup enables the user to position the brackets to fit any sample shape. The EM-Tec Versa-Plate holders are available in 4 sizes to suit varies SEM sample stages:
H45 - 106x58mm with 9x5 holes and 12 mm pitch
H45 - 82x82mm with 7x7 holes and 12 mm pitch
H45 - 106x106mm with 9x9 holes and 12 mm pitch
H121 - 150x150mm with 11x11 holes and 14 mm pitch
Additional brackets and thumb screws are optionally available.

EM-Tec Save-Storr sample storage container for inert gas

The EM-Tec Save-Storr sample storage container has been developed to store sensitive samples under a dry and inert gas atmosphere. It consists of a robust clear polycarbonate container with seal, gas inlet valve, gas outlet valve and an over-pressure safety valve. The EM-Tec Save-Store container offers ample storage facility with a 1.75 ltr contents and an optional storage shelf.



EM-Tec extra large multi-stub stand for 57 pin stubs
This extra large multi-stub preparation or storage stand accommodates 57 standard 12.7mm pin stubs or 18 of the larger 25.4mm pin stubs. Ideal for preparation, handling and storing many pin stubs.

 EM-Tec filter disc holders  

The EM-Tec filter disc holders have been designed hold standard disc filters  for particle analysis and EDX investigations.  They are held flat by a clamping ring on a base plate. Available for 13, 25, 35 and 47mm diameter disc filters. For multiple disc analysis, the EM-Tec XL-100 multi-disc filter holder can be used.


HOPG Substrates for AFM / SPM Applications

HOPG – Higly Ordered Pyrolytic Graphite for AFM / SPM applications in three grades: ZYA, ZYB and ZYH. Can be used as substrate or as magnification calibration standard.



Miltex Biopsy punches with plunger system
High quality, razor sharp coring tools with plunger system to eject or transfer the sample. Available in sizes from 1 to 4mm diameter. Ideal for cutting smaller samples from soft and thin materials such as paper, tissue, cloth, plastic films and coatings.




EM-Tec U2 Universal SEM sample holder kit
This sample holder and stub adapter kit has been devised to hold a variety of SEM samples up to around 40mm. It also contains a selection of SEM stub adapters to use the  sample holders on all major SEM brands and to interchange different SEM stubs between different SEM brands. This universal kit is presented in a high quality wooden box with a plastic insert.



Uranyless TEM staining alternative for Uranyl Acetate
Efficient, easy to use and safe alternative for Uranyl Acetate. Uranyless delivers similar results in with short staining times compared to Uranyl Acetate, but without the restrictions, toxicity and waste elemination problems. Uranyless is the result of many years of research and is made of proprietary mix of multiple lanthanides with high affinity to biological tissue. Comes as a ready to use solution in an Airless bottle.


Value-Tec ZTA ceramic tip tweezers
Exceptional value ceramic tip tweezers with high temperature ceramic tips on stainless steel handles. High wear resistance, high corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance up to 1400 degrees C. Available in six different styles with fine, strong and curved tips.


Value-Tec sorting (jewelry/diamond) tweezers
Great value 160mm long fine tip sorting tweezers for sorting, picking, and handling small parts, seeds, gems etc. Choice of 6 different models in stainless steel, titanium, locking and strong points. Also available with ESD safe black epoxy coating to provide better contrast against white or transparent parts.


EM-Tec KF-NW-QF vacuum hardware components

EM-Tec standard vacuum components for replacement and maintenance on laboratory vacuum systems with KF / NW / QF vacuum flanges. Centering rings, replacement O-rings, blanking caps, clamps and 1/8” NPT & 1/4” NPT adapters for vacuum measurement gauges.

EM-Storr vacuum container/ desiccator
The EM-Storr vacuum sample containers have been deveoped to safely store SEM/TEM/FIB samples and calibration standard under vacuum. The superior EM-Storr vacuum container has been designed using high vacuum compatible materials and high vacuum design rules. The versatile EM-Storr vacuum desiccator is available in 5 configurations. Aluminium body with hard anaodized outside.
Clear hardened glass lid and space saving stackable design.



EM-Tec swivel tilt sample holders additions





New and unique pin stub based EM-Tec swivel tilt sample holders, which enable clamping small and thin samples, have been added to the existing selection. The EM-Tec swivel tilt holders allow for quick and easy tilting in both directions. The full range of the EM-Tec swivel tilt holders are also available for Hitachi SEMs with M4 thread and JEOL SEMs with a 12.2mm stub holder.

EM-Tec 90 degree Quick-Flip holders
Using the EM-Tec  PH90 90 degree off-set holder, several Quick-Flip holders have been created. These enable quick and easy rotation of 90 degrees; samples can be imaged both in top view and cross section view. Additionally, the  sample can be rotated a full 360 degrees. Ideal for desk-top systems and SEM which don’t offer 90 degrees SEM stage tilt.

EM-Tec FIB grid & sample holders
Two new compact EM-Tec FIB lift-out grid & sample holders with short distances from lif-out to FIB grid posts:
 - EM-Tec FS21 with two standard 12.7mm pin stubs and EM-Tec F12 FIB grid holder stub; available with pin and M4 thread.

 - EM-Tec FS22 with two standard 12.7mm pin stubs and two EM-Tec F12 FIB grid holder stubs for multiple lift out on a single sample. Available with pin and M4 thread.
Both sample stubs and FIB grid holder stubs can be rotated for optimum orientation during lift-out procedures.



EM-Tec FIB lift-out grid with 4 posts
In repsonse to customer request we have added a 4 post EM-Tec copper FIB lift -out grid. The selection of EM-Tec copper FIB lift-out grids now includde 2, 3, 4 and 5 posts FIB lift-out grids.


EM-Tec stage adapters for Hitachi SU5000 FESEM, SU3500, S3700 and S3400 SEMs
Hitachi dovetail stage adapter with M4 screw

EM-Tec dovetail type SEM stage adapters for the Hitachi SU5000 FESEM, SU3500, S3700 and S3400 have been added  to complete the line of Hitachi compatible SEM stage adapters.  These stage adapters are compatible with all EM-Tec SEM sample holders with M4 threaded hole, Hitachi SEM stubs and Hitachi sample holders with an M4 threaded hole. Additionally, they include an M6 thread to use the Hitachi stub extenders to achieve short working distances. Order info:
#11-000356 EM-Tec HV50 stage adapter for Hitachi SU5000 FESEM
#11-000355 EM-Tec HV55 stage adapter for Hitachi SU3500 VPSEM
#11-000357 EM-Tec HV37 stage adapter for Hitachi S3700 SEM
#11-000354 EM-Tec HV34 stage adapter for Hitachi S3400 SEM


High purity conductive double sided adhesive carbon tabsconductive double sided adhesive carbon tapeHigh purity double sided carbon tabs and tapes
High purity double sided carbon tabs are now offered in 12.5 and 25mm diameter, compatible with most standard stubs. The same material is also available in tape form with 8, 12 and 20mm width. Order info:
#15-000412 for 12.5mm diameter double sided carbon tabs
#15-000425 for 25mm diameter double sided carbon tabs
#15-000508, #15-000512 and #15-000520 for the 8mm, 12mm and 20mm wide double sided carbon tapes.

EM-Tec C30 water based conductive carbon paint

EM-Tec C30 water based conductive carbon paint, 40g bottleThe EM-Tec C30 water based conductive carbon paint doesn't contain any hydro carbon based solvents. No outgassing of hydro carbon and no release of hydro carbons when touched by the electron beam in the SEM. This carbon paint doesn't contribute to contamination in the SEM and should be the prefeered carbon paint. Good conductivity. Micro to Nano now offers the full selectrion of carbon paints:
EM-Tec C30 water based carbon paint; no hydro carbon based solvents – fully UHV compatible
EM-Tec C33 fast drying carbon paint – dries very quickly
EM-Tec C39 span carbon cement – excellent strength and good conductivity

EM-Tec lab scissors and micro-scissors

EM-Tec MS1 Vannas type micro scissors, sharp tips, straight, 80mm The EM-Tec scissors are made from select grade stainless steel and designed for lab, microscopy and dissection applications. Selection of different sizes and tip shapes: blunt, blunt/sharp and sharp. Sharp tips are offered straight and curved.
For fine work and disscetion two style of vannas micro scissors are available on this page.

EM-Tec W4, W6 & W8 wafer holders for SEM
EM-Tec W6 wafer holder for Ø150mm / 6inch wafers, pinThe EM-Tec wafer holders are specially designed to hold semi-conductor wafer in sizes of 100mm, 150mm and 200mm diameter (4 inch, 6 inch and 8 inch). They are compatible with wafers with either a flat or with a notch. The unique locking slide is adjustable to cope with non-standard wafers.  Low profile and balanced light-weigth design with cut-outs for wafer tweezers, adjustable slider and adjustable spring tension.
The EM-Tec wafer holders are available with a pin or with an M4 threaded hole which is compatible with all EM-Tec SEM stage adapters. Order info:
#12-000284 / #12-000384 EM-Tec W4 wafer holders for 100mm (4”) wafers
#12-000286 / #12-000386 EM-Tec W6 wafer holders for 150mm (6”) wafers
#12-000288 / #12-000388 EM-Tec W8 wafer holders for 200mm (8”) wafers

EM-Tec VS12 compact single action spring-loaded vise for up to 12mm

   EM-Tec VS12 compact single action spring-loaded vise holder for up to 12mm
EM-Tec VS12 is a compact single action spring-loaded vise for samples with a maximum clamping size of 12mm. The vise is opened by pushing the moving vise jaw with a push rod. The push rod can be removed when the holder is loaded in the SEM. Dowel pins can be inserted in the fixed and moving jaws to increase the opening to a sample size up to 18mm diameter or to hold awkwardly shaped samples; 4 dowel pins are included. Enables quick sample loading/changing. Made from vacuum grade aluminium with stainless steel rods and springs. Ideal for smaller samples and table top SEMs. More info and order: #12-000221 (pin) or #12-000321 (M4)

EM-Tec J6 multi stub holder for 6 x Ø12.2mm JEOL stubs, Ø50.0x10mm

EM-Tec J6 multi stub holder for 6 x Ø12.2mm JEOL stubs 
The EM-Tec J6 multi stub holder holds up to 6 of the 12.2 mm diameter JEOL stubs. Available either with a standard 3.2mm pin or with an M4 threaded hole. Fully compatible with the EM-Tec stage adapters for the JEOL SEMs, FESEMs and Neoscope table-top SEMs. Size is Ø50x10mm and made from vacuum grade aluminium with stainless steel set screws. More info and order: #12-000236 (pin) or
12-000336 (M4)

EM-Tec conductive soft jaw lining kit for vise type SEM sample holders

EM-Tec conductive soft jaw lining kit for vise type SEM sample holders    
The EM-Tec conductive soft jaw lining kit for vise type SEM sample holders comprises a conductive neoprene rubber sheet with a conductive adhesive layer on one side. It is intended to hold more delicate samples and to prevent marring or damaging sensitive surfaces. The conductive medium soft rubber provides both a soft grip and a grounding path. The EM-Tec conductive soft jaw lining kit has been designed for use on EM-Tec SEM sample holders, but is equally useful on SEM sample holders of other brands. It comes as one piece and can be cut to size as required. After use it can be easily replaced on or removed from the vise jaws (use acetone/isopropanol for cleaning). Supplied as a sheet which holds enough material to cut 5-6 sets of jaw lining kits. More info and order soft jaw lining kit

EM-Tec gold series SEM sample holders and pin stub adapters link to   # 12-000110   EM-Tec GS10 swivel head sample holder for up 10mm, gold plated brass, pin link to 12-000134   EM-Tec GS25 spider type bulk sample holder for up to Ø25mm, gold plated brass, pin link to  # 12-000317   EM-Tec GR20 bulk sample holder for up to Ø20mm, gilded brass, M4

EM-Tec gold series SEM sample holders and pin stub adapters
The EM-Tec gold series SEM sample holders comprises a selection of compact SEM sample holders, all made from brass and plated with 1µm of pure gold.  Brass is chosen for greater strength whereas the gold plating keeps the holders cleaner. The superior chemical resistance of the gold plating facilitates the use of cleaning solutions or plasma cleaning. Clean sample holders surfaces will also greatly reduce contamination transfer to the samples. The EM-Tec gold series SEM sample holders are intended for use with table top SEMs, laboratory grade SEMs and FESEMs. The EM-Tec gold series sample holders and pin stub adapters currently available are:

  • EM-Tec GR2 – Tube/needle holder for up to Ø2mm diameter; ideal for Atomprobe samples
  • EM-Tec GS10 – A swivel vise which covers a full 180 angle and can also be rotated with the stub.
  • EM-Tec GB16 – Rectangular type bulk sample holder with two side brackets for sample thickness up to 16mm. 
  • EM-Tec GR20 – Round type bulk sample holder with three brackets for round and awkwardly shaped samples up to Ø20mm.
  • EM-Tec GS25 – Lightweight, spider like holder for awkwardly shaped samples up to Ø25mm.
  • EM-Tec GS45 – Lightweight, spider like holder for awkwardly shaped samples up to Ø45mm.
  • EM-Tec GZM4 Zeiss pin stub adapter and EM-Tec GSPM4 standard pin stub adapter.

The EM-Tec gold series sample holders are all available with pin stub and some with an M4 threaded hole. 
More info and order EM-Tec gold series SEM sample holders and pin stub adapters

    EM-Tec V80 versatile vise clamp <br />
       sample holder for up to 80mm, pin

-1 #12-000205 EM-Tec V120 versatile vise clamp sample
holder up to 120 mm  with extra clamp plates (#12-000204).

-2 #12-000303 EM-Tec V80 versatile vise clamp sample holder
for up to 80mm, M4, with EM-Tec VH12 height extension vise
clamp plates (#12-000207)

-3 #12-000303 EM-Tec V80 versatile vise clamp sample holder
for up to 80mm, M4, clamps in off set position.

-4 #12-000303 Clamp plates are attached in standard position
with set screws in a higher location.<

EM-Tec versatile vise clamp sample holders
The EM-Tec versatile vise clamp holders are large vise clamp sample holders with positionable vise clamp plates. These sample holders can accomodate large and heavy samples or even multiple samples. They are designed for SEMs with large sample stages which can cope with larger and or heavier samples.

The EM-Tec versatile vise clamp holders consist of a vise plate with two parallel rows of holes to position the vise clamp plates. The positionable vise clamp plates can be mounted on the baseplate in 10mm intervals for optimum sample size compatibility. Made from vacuum grade aluminium with brass mounting screws and steel clamping screws. The sample can be adequately held using the clamping screws; two sets of 3 with 10mm and 16mm length are provided with each vise clamp plate. The EM-Tec versatile vise clamp holders are designed as a freely configurable holders. There are two models to to fit varous sample sizes:

  • EM-Tec V80 versatile vise clamp holder - for samples up to 80mm
  • EM-Tec V120 versatile vise clamp holder - for samples up to 120mm

Additional vise clamp plates can be added to mount multiple samples in the same vise clamp holder.
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Smooth side wall Molybdenum EM-Tec FIB lift-out grids

Smooth side wall EMTec Fib lift out grid

A common problem with Mo FIB lift-out grids is the roughness of the side wall. It takes valuable FIB time to smooth out the sidewall of the standard molybdenum FIB lift-out grids to enable secure mounting of the TEM lamellas. To solve this common problem and to reduce cost at the FIB, we have developed smooth side wall Mo EM-Tec FIB lift-out grids. They are made with a unique manufacturing process with the result that  smoothing with the FIB is virtually eleminated or reduced to a faction of the time previously needed. These unique Mo EM-Tec FIB lift-out grids have three posts and a thickness of 45-55µm. Packaging size is vial/25.
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