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Micro-Tec G4 high-vacuum silicone grease

               Micro-Tec G4 high-vacuum silicone grease
                         Micro-Tec G4 high-vacuum silicone grease




Micro-Tec G4 high-vacuum silicone grease has been designed for sealing and lubrication in vacuum and pressure applications. It is a stiff, non-melting silicone lubricating grease which maintains its consistency over a temperature range of -40 to 204ºC. Micro-Tec G4 high-vacuum grease is recommended for vacuum systems up to 10-6mbar. It has a translucent white colour and a density of 1.1 g/cm3. Evaporation rate at 200ºC is in the 0.5-1% range. Micro-Tec G4 high vacuum grease has good resistance against mineral and vegetable oils, aqueous solutions of inorganic salts and diluted acids and alkalis.
Due to the initial outgassing, it is recommended to pre-condition the grease under vacuum and operating temperature until the required vacuum level has been reached.

Typical applications include:

  • seal and lubricate vacuum components
  • seal and lubricate vacuum feedthroughs
  • sealing glass desiccators and lubricate glass seals
  • lubricate O-rings on microscopes
  • lubricate and seal fine threads
  • lubricate stop-cockes, plug valves. Control valves and flow meter bearings
  • lubricate laboratory equipment
  • lubricate synthetic rubber gaskets and seal in high-temperature applications
  • protect seals in an aqueous environment
  • corrosion protection

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Micro-Tec G4 high-vacuum silicone grease, 120g jar Micro-Tec G4 high-vacuum silicone grease, 120g jar

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